"I stand over them like an angel of death."
Jack Strayhorn, Vampire Detective


Book Three of the Twelve Stakes Series


Set in the gritty supernatural underworld of Los Angeles, the sweeping saga of the Twelve Stakes series takes you deep into the heart of the battle for the fate of the world.

The story opens with "One Death at a Time," (Book One) when Vampire Detective Jack Strayhorn's hunt for a supernatural hitman leads him to uncover a plot to take over the Fae drug trade and an ancient prophecy that could spell doom for every Vampire he knows.

As the series unfolds and the battle intensifies, humanity's survival will lie with four broken and haunted heroes. They'll have to find their powers and conquer their own demons in order to unite and fight together:

Jack Strayhorn, a hundred year old Vampire who chases down killers as penance for the sins of his mortal life.

Devin McKaye, a rogue Fae alchemist on the run from his rich and powerful drug-dealing clan.

Talia Cienfuegos, a young Witch forced to harness the magic within her that threatens her sanity.

Zero, a half-Vampire, half-Werewolf hybrid, living on the streets of Los Angeles while he tracks down the secret of his own dark birth.

Will they be able to find each other in time to defeat the coming evil? What - or who - will they have to sacrifice to win? 

In the world of Twelve Stakes, our heroes will learn to either fight together or die alone.

News from Twelve Stakes

Ghosts, Bootleggers and Communicating with the Dead

My sister-in-law is always looking for new ways to open up her world.

Most recently she's discovered a program called Access.  I'm not going into the nuts and bolts of it right now is but suffice it to say it blows your mind.  Literally.  Access allows you to expand your awareness exponentially and do some pretty amazing things.

Do you remember how at the end of Sixth Sense, you find out that the Bruce Willis character who counsels the boy throughout the whole movie turns out to be a ghost?  And it's totally spooky, sad and terrifying at the same time?

Well Access says, "Yup, we see dead people.  All the time.  They're called entities. The question is, are you going to let them scare the crap out of you or are you going to put them to work?"

Still with me?

Where Truth Is Always Stranger Than Fiction

My first book, One Death at a Time, opens with Jack Strayhorn, Vampire Detective extraordinaire, standing over two dead bodies “like an angel of death.”

One is a woman and the other is a man.  The man is dressed like Jack Kennedy -- reddish brown wig and a vintage suit from the sixties.  The woman is dressed like Marilyn Monroe with a blond wig and the iconic white halter dress from The Seven Year Itch.  They’ve both been shot through the head.

Heroes and Addicts

Drug addiction is part of my stories, but it’s also part of my story, my life story.  I started drinking and using at 17 and didn’t stop until I was 30 when I woke up at home with no memory of driving there after an all-day drinking binge with my family.

I wish I could say that was the last time I had a drink.  But I continued on for another six years.  I didn't get clean until I was 36 and found myself spending two weeks in a looney bin at Del Amo (yes, that's what happens when you end up on the beach with an X-Acto knife - more on that in another post). 

After I successfully passed the hearing at the end of my mandated 5250 hold, I went to Dr. Drew's rehab, Pasadena Recovery Center and spent 30 days getting my head screwed back on (thank you, Butch, wherever you are).


Twelve Stakes is a grittier and darker take on the world of the supernatural. The vampires don't sparkle, the Fae aren't pretty, and magic will not save your life.