The World of Twelve Stakes

Have you ever driven by a church or recreation center and seen a strange group of people hanging about, smoking cigarettes and laughing with each other?  They were most likely a group of alcoholics or addicts on break from their Twelve Step meeting.  You probably glanced over at them briefly, and then forgot about them just as quickly.

That’s exactly what you were meant to do.

You see, the public face of the whole Twelve Step movement is just a façade.  And though it has helped countless number of human sufferers, its real purpose is survival.  Survival of the real drinkers – the blood drinkers.

For thousands of years, the creatures of Twelve Stakes fought, killed, and hid themselves to stay alive.  All of that changed in 1935, when two desperate Vampires came together to help each other survive.  They learned to control their blood drinking, and started helping others to learn as well.  To the world, they were a group of men and women recovering from alcoholism.  But in reality, they were a group of killers recovering from the nightmare of endless death.

After centuries of watching their young descend into insanity and self-destruction, Werewolves put their pack instinct to use and formed their own support group.  It quickly became a refuge where they could survive long enough to learn control over the predators inside them.

But Vamps and Wolves were not the only ones struggling with their supernatural natures.  Witches too came out of the shadows to help each other live through the twin insanities of magic and addiction.  Long used to persecution, their newly formed covens became shelters in a world that will not suffer them to live.

And though the Fae kept to themselves as always, they paid close attention to the changes in the supernatural world.

For while this past century has seen a profound shift in their fortunes, the world will never be safe for the creatures of Twelve Stakes.  A new threat is rising that could spell the end for all of them.

Unless, of course, a world-weary vampire, a dangerously unstable witch, a runaway Fae, and a werewolf-vampire hybrid can find each other and stand together – to fight.