Cast of Characters

Jack Strayhorn

Los Angeles, 1948: Newly promoted LAPD detective Jack Strayhorn is assigned to the “Black Dahlia” murder investigation.  Stubborn and brash, Jack follows up a lead on his own without any backup and ends up with his throat slashed wide open.  He wakes to find his body healed and the suspect torn to pieces.

In the months that follow, Jack is plagued by blackouts, unexplainable physical changes, and violent, bloody nightmares.  When his partner disappears under mysterious circumstances, all the evidence points to Jack and he flees the city that same night.  Convinced he is insane, he drowns his fears in booze and decides to kill himself.

He is saved by a secret society of vampires, who’ve banded together to help each other control their “disease”.  To the world, they’re Alcoholics Anonymous, but to Jack, they’re nothing short of  salvation.

Los Angeles, 2010: After decades on the road, fighting criminals - and his own nature - Jack returns to the city of his birth to make peace with his past.  But when a member of the City Council is murdered and turns out to be the youngest scion of powerful Faerie clan, Jack finds himself at the center of dark and terrible conspiracy.


Devin McKaye

Born into a Faerie clan responsible for the majority of the methamphetamine trade on the West Coast, Devin grew up in a hidden world of drugs, money, and brutal consequences.  Though Fae magic has largely left the world, it is uncannily strong in him – stronger, in fact, than he could ever imagine.

The only thing Devin knows about magic, and the only thing that matters to his family, is that the drugs he cooks up are purer and more powerful than anything the other clans come hope to make.  His product is the drug of choice for the Faerie Court, who use it to revive their fading magical powers – at least for a few hours.

While his magic has made him the golden boy at Court and the favorite son at home, it’s also made Devin quite a few jealous enemies.  When Devin is betrayed and forced to run from the only home he’s ever known, he finds himself without allies, without resources, and without the drugs he’s come to depend on to access his magic.

Alone in Los Angeles, and with a Faerie Court death sentence hanging over his head, Devin must learn to survive on his own.  Fortunately, he’s not the first of his kind to escape the Kingdom of the Sidhe.  With the help of some new friends, Devin might just be able to learn how powerful he truly is and start fighting back.  Because of he doesn’t, he’s as good as dead.


Talia Cienfuegos

Fitting in amongst normal people has never been easy for Talia.  But it’s hard not to feel different when you can instantly shatter all the glass in a room just because you’re in a bad mood.  Talia’s never been able to control her magic and it’s done nothing but get her kicked out of her parent’s home, ruin her friendships, and made it impossible to keep a steady job.  The only way she can keep her magic in check is with strong drink - and even stronger drugs.

These days, Talia scrapes out a living off the tourists in Venice Beach, hawking quick Tarot card readings, mystical-sounding prophecies, and cheap love potions.  It doesn’t bring in much, though it’s paid for a cheap apartment and enough “medication” to keep the madness at bay.

But Talia can’t shut her magic out or ignore it anymore, because it just got someone killed.  Seems one of her dime a dozen curses actually worked - and the victim just happens to be the little brother of a dangerous criminal, a man who’s a devout believer in the idea of vengeance.

Talia’s fatal curse also attracts the attention of two very powerful covens of witches.  One might be trying to kill her and one might just be trying to save her.  The only question is, which is which?



Zero lives by three simple rules:

1. Never stay in one place more than two nights.

2. Only steal from criminals because they won’t call the cops.

3. Don’t trust anyone besides your dog.

He wrote these rules when he was ten years old, the night he broke out of the state home for boys.  Since then, he’s lived on the streets, stealing to stay alive and shooting dope to stay sane.  Zero doesn’t know what he is exactly, but he knows he’s a monster.  It’s why he keeps away from regular people every full moon and why the dealers and muggers on the street tell stories about being robbed by the Wolf Man.

One night Zero gets into some trouble he can’t get out of and ends up in handcuffs with five separate charges of “assaulting an officer of the law”.  He’s spotted by a policeman who knows what to look for and instead of going to jail, Zero ends up in a very special rehab center.  While everyone there has some serious drug problems, they’ve also got problems with blood drinking, shapeshifting, and wildly destructive magic.  The counselors there have seen it all, but they’ve never seen anything like Zero – he’s not quite a Vamp, but he’s not quite a Were either.  But everyone agrees he’s too dangerous to let go.

Zero’s got a choice to make:  head back to the streets and take his chances with the law, or stay in rehab, find out what he really is, and maybe find a place where he belongs.