Book One of the Twelve Stakes Series

  • "I really couldn't ask for anything more from this sort of novel. A fast, fun, suspenseful mystery with plenty of laughs along the way. Bravo, Mr. Hewlett...!! please do bring us more, sir...." - Amazon

  • "One Death at a Time...starts as a simple case [that] entangles [Vampire Detective Jack Strayhorn] into a supernatural war and soon we can't escape Fae politicians and an MC of bad boys werewolves mixed with a new potent and a very destructive drug.  I really enjoyed the voice and the atmosphere of One Death at a Time, and hope to see more books in this series soon. Recommended!" - Goodreads

  • "...Hewlett takes the time to develop his Los Angeles largely without sacrificing to information overloads. The vampires, the werewovles, the fae, come out through fleeting exposition and the afore-mentioned flashbacks. He develops a very intricate, alternative history Alcoholics Anonymous, as a source for vampire sobriety. As an underground program saving man from the demons, literally it turns out in this case, these sections are where this novel really breathed for me." - Asylum Ink

  • "Jack Strayhorn is the perfect paranormal version of the noir-style hardboiled detective.  He’s got a biting, snarky wit, a handsome presence, a sharp mind, and is a bit distant and mysterious.  It’s just in this case he’s distant and mysterious because he’s a vampire.  Making the private eye a vampire makes his character unique in noir, and, similarly, making the vampire a private eye with his focus primarily on crime solving and not paranormal politics gives the urban fantasy vampire a unique twist.  Jack is presented as a complex character, one who we could not possibly get to know fully in just the first entry in the series. " - Opinions of a Wolf

  • "It works. It really works. It works even more with the vampire – world weary detective who has seen it all, been there and has very little to hope for while drinking too much and trying to conceal the last shred of hope within his cynical, harsh mask? It’s done perfectly with extra impact of this detective being a vampire who has seen it all for decades – and not always been on the side of right and good." - Fangs for the Fantasy

  • "Jack Strayhorn is a private investigator and a vampire who is on the wagon. With the help of the true Alcoholics Anonymous (created by and for vampires), he’s able to slake his thirst without killing anymore. When a murder and Jack’s missing persons case collide, he’s encouraged by forces unknown to give up his investigation. With some strange allies in his corner, he may just be able to come out of this one intact. ONE DEATH AT A TIME is a fantastic noir mystery with drug-dealing fae and vampires working toward sobriety. A highly suspenseful story based in the supernatural underground of L.A. with fae, werewolves, witches, vampires, with a mystery stinking of corruption. I liked the grittiness of the setting and I especially liked Jack. Even after being pressured to give up his case, he’s bound and determined to the find the truth no matter the personal cost. His perseverance is admirable and his ability to sniff out the information he needs is astonishing. I think readers who enjoy noir, fantasy, and vampires will love ONE DEATH AT A TIME." - The Bibliophiliac Book Blog

  • "Why should 'Talk Supe' readers read this book?  Like many fans of Urban Fantasy, I'm a fan of the classic genre elements of magic, mystery, blood, and unearthly powers. But I'm tired of Vampires who don't kill anyone, haughty Fae who never get their hands dirty or a lock of hair out of place, and Werewolves more concerned with their Alphas than running the streets like the mad beasts they are. I intend to keep my series gritty, dark, and fun. My Weres ride Harleys and have tattoos. My Faes sell pixie dust to finance their rock-n-roll lifestyles. And for Solstice rituals, the Witches in my books prefer abandoned warehouses and whiskey to forest glades and candles." - TalkSupe