Darkness of the Spirit

Darkness of the Spirit

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“Suddenly Jack was hit by a distinctive shift in the air. Adrenaline. Fear. A hundred beating hearts. And floating beneath it, a whiff of freshly spilled Fae blood.”

It’s two years before the events of One Death at a Time and Fae alchemist and pixie dust addict Devin McKaye is on the run.

He carries with him the secret of crystal rose, a new pixie dust sweeping the Fae world with its ability to give users a taste of true Fae magic of old.

Devin’s brother Niall will stop at nothing to control the crystal rose trade – even if it means killing his own brother.

Devin’s sister Morgana is on a homicidal search of her own for the Key: a secret that will unlock ancient Fae magic and restore the power of her race.

In the brutal and psychotic world of the Fae, Devin’s secret is a death warrant. And everyone wants him dead.

Hot on the trail is a familiar Vampire detective named Jack Strayhorn, who has no idea that the cataclysmic events about to unfold will change his destiny - and the destiny of every supernatural creature - forever.